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Every project is the same, but still different. Without proper tools, you end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Silverbucket is a project resource planning tool that accumulates data as you go.   

Three reasons for choosing Silverbucket


Efficient resource planning

With Silverbucket you can plan projects workload smarter. Allocate resources easily and see updates in real-time.


Predict the future

All projects, people and capacity levels can be monitored from a single view. No more guessing about the resourcing situation - it is time to start knowledge-based resource management. 


Increase project profitability

The efficient use of resources means better invoicing rate.  And less overbookings reduce stress levels and sick leaves. 

Project resource planning guide

Project resourcing guide

We have gathered together a guide where you will find best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimise project resourcing. 



Case study: Digia successfully adopts Silverbucket

Before Digia started using Silverbucket, all the business units had several spreadsheets for various purposes. Reporting was done well but it was mostly used for looking back on what had already been achieved. The workload was unevenly distributed and the lack of resources caused a lot of grey hairs. Josette Nurminen from Digia says, “The view of the future was hazy, which meant it was difficult to see what skills we had in the company and how we could manage growth. Because of this, here at Digia we got to grips with resourcing and workload distribution holistically to bring the situation gradually under control.”

What is the bottleneck of success in different project types?

Roughly speaking, there are two types of projects: development and delivery projects. The development projects usually include development of something new, such as a process or a product. Whereas delivery projects include a clear specification of a project scope which must be followed and delivered to a customer. These project types are very different, even more different than people usually think. Read more!

Weekly webinar: Introduction to Silverbucket's resourcing features

We are organizing Silverbucket webinar every Thursday where we will present how resourcing is managed with Silverbucket. Join now!

Case Tengbom: Unique overview of projects and people allocations

Earlier Tengbom did they resource planning with Excel. It was time consuming and fragmented, and they did not get an overview to their work. Tengbom didn’t have clear understanding company’s total capacity, current and upcoming projects. People allocation and project prioritizing was mainly based on guessing, and they found it difficult to see gaps in their resource planning. 

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