Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources”

According to Timo Pekkinen, Sweco’s technology director, Silverbucket offers a whole different way to manage resourcing situation. Silverbucket has therefore made a remarkably positive impact to Sweco’s work and operating methods.

Bilot: Predictability and transparency for project management

Bilot chose Silverbucket to increase their predictability and transparency in their projects.

Firstco - A Better Visibility of Resourcing Allocations

As Firstco has grown, so has the importance of managing more and more resources across an increasing number of projects.

Articles, news and case stories

Performance Dashboard – from data to analysis!


The first version of Silverbucket’s new feature, Performance Dashboard, has seen the light. It’s a great addition to Silverbucket’s Resourcing Intelligence functions, and it will be updated to client environments in February 2020. The aim with this Silverbucket feature is to further cultivate the data which has already been collected; from data to a concise analysis!

Case Zalaris: Transparency into resourcing, one country unit at a time


Before Silverbucket, resource planning was carried out through Excel at Zalaris. This resulted in information not only being scattered around several places, but also not being up-to-date. They had been on the lookout for a solution to the aforementioned challenges for quite some time at Zalaris, until another Norwegian consultant agency suggested Silverbucket to them. Read the case-story here.

Weekly Webinar - Resource planning in Silverbucket


We are organizing Silverbucket webinar every Thursday where we will present how resourcing is managed with Silverbucket. Join now!

Come and meet us at the upcoming events


We will attend three different fairs this autumn. All these events focus on project and portfolio management. Come to meet us in London, Nürnberg or Helsinki! 

Webinar: Building Effective Resourcing Processes and Best Practices for Silverbucket


Every organisation has its own unique resourcing process, but based on our experience, we have identified five different project resourcing models. Join our webinar and learn how to build effective resourcing process. 

Webinar: Knowledge-based management by using Silverbucket 10.9. at 3.00 PM (EEST)


The topic of this webinar is knowledge-based management by using Silverbucket. Join now  and see how Silverbucket can help the top-level management to make better decisions based on facts!

Case study: Digia successfully adopts Silverbucket


Before Digia started using Silverbucket, all the business units had several spreadsheets for various purposes. Reporting was done well but it was mostly used for looking back on what had already been achieved. The workload was unevenly distributed and the lack of resources caused a lot of grey hairs. Josette Nurminen from Digia says, “The view of the future was hazy, which meant it was difficult to see what skills we had in the company and how we could manage growth. Because of this, here at Digia we got to grips with resourcing and workload distribution holistically to bring the situation gradually under control.”

Millennials and the transition in working life


Ludvig wants to fulfil himself. He appreciates meaningful work. Ludvig is aspiring to continuously learn, develop his skills and be heard at work. He wants to be actively involved in decision-making, more so than the generation before him. He takes on projects with a burning passion. Ludvig is a millennial. Read how millennials have brought a major transition, also in corporate resourcing processes.

Transparency boosts project business


Functional communications and transparency. Both equally important. But how can they be put into practice in a project organisation? 

Tengbom: Unique overview of projects and people allocations


Earlier Tengbom did they resource planning with Excel. It was time consuming and fragmented, and they did not get an overview to their work. Tengbom didn’t have clear understanding company’s total capacity, current and upcoming projects. People allocation and project prioritizing was mainly based on guessing, and they found it difficult to see gaps in their resource planning. 

Annual report 2018 – a year of growth and international expansion


Silverbucket’s theme in 2018 was growth and international markets. Last year we signed partnership agreements in the UK and Switzerland, in addition to which we started talking to several potential new partners. Turnover exceeded €1.4 m, up 41% on the previous year. It can be also said that we made a breakthrough in Sweden, in particular, in 2018. We also took a significant step towards new ventures last year when we started developing new products. Lot have happened, and we are excited to see what year 2019 brings! 

Summary: Resource allocation of 1.000 people


In an organization of a 1.000 people, resource allocation is carried out on many different levels. This summery is an overview of up-to-date resource allocation information of a relatively big organization, as well as the benefits that can be gained from it in an organizational level. 

Bilot: Predictability and transparency for project management

Bilot chose Silverbucket to increase their predictability and transparency in their projects.The Excel spreadsheets were just was not able to give enough information for them so they decided to test Silverbucket. They were happy with the result of the PoC (proof of concept) and they started to use Silverbucket as their resource allocation management tool in August 2017.

Use cases for Soft booking


In Silverbucket it is possible to make two different kind of allocations: confirmed and tentative. Read when tentative allocations are useful. 

Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H2


After relaxing holidays and a slow-paced summer, we have returned to a normal rhythm here at Silverbucket. A new version will be provided again every month. In February I wrote down a bit about our targets for the first half of 2018 and now it is time to update these thoughts for the second half of the year. Let's first go through what we have managed to create and execute during the last six months. Read more!

What is a resourcing process and how should it flow?


We have written two blog posts about a resource management process and this article is the first one to be published. It presents a basic model of a resourcing process. Later, we will publish another article explaining more about the responsibilities and tasks of the different stakeholders involved in resource planning. Let’s begin! 

Better invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process


We claim that it is possible to raise the invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process. Maybe even double it! In this article, we will introduce the arguments behind the statement. Read more! 

Milestone is taking Silverbucket to UK and Ireland


Finnish Software Company Silverbucket Oy and Primo Milestone Ltd, the established experts in project management software solutions, have started co-operation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Silverbucket’s project portfolio resource management tool remarkably complements Milestone’s product portfolio. Milestone is delivering the Silverbucket SaaS service together with consultation and support services for its customers.

Firstco - A Better Visibility of Resourcing Allocations

As Firstco has grown, so has the importance of managing more and more resources across an increasing number of projects. The approach of managing this with Excel spreadsheets ultimately became unwieldy and time consuming, so in August 2017 they started to use Silverbucket and now have much better visibility of their resourcing allocations.

What kind of tools does a project organisation need?


”Don’t choose a generic tool for your organisation.” This is one of the main statements expounded in the presentation. The explanation shortly is that one should choose a tool that is perfect for your project type. If we hold on to the project type concept that we presented in the previous article, let’s look closer at the statement from development and delivery project points of view. Which tools are perfect for these project types? Read more!

Silverbucket and Swiss company Parm form strategic partnership


Two market leaders in project management software, the Finnish company Silverbucket Oy and St. Gallen-based parm ltd. (myPARM Software Suite) have decided to join forces on the German-speaking market in the area of project resource management.

How to utilize different absence features in Silverbucket?


In Silverbucket you have few ways to manage different kinds of “absences”, such as part-time work, holidays or other leaves. The essential question is that should the absence decrease an employee’s capacity or not. Read more how to manage absences in Silverbucket!

What is the bottleneck of success in different project types?


Roughly speaking, there are two types of projects: development and delivery projects. The development projects usually include development of something new, such as a process or a product. Whereas delivery projects include a clear specification of a project scope which must be followed and delivered to a customer. These project types are very different, even more different than people usually think. Read more!

Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H1


What new features to expect during Silverbucket’s first half-year in 2018? The big development themes are skill management, different work load types (“soft” and “hard”) and some finishing touches of the new UI. In addition, we are developing our own processes continuously and one visible process change will be a more frequent Silverbucket update cycle (appr. once a month). Read more!

How to use different project categorizing means in Silverbucket?


Do you have loads of projects and you wish to have some means for categorizing them? In Silverbucket there are three ways to categorize projects: portfolio, project tag and category. Read more!

Silverbucket's Unprecedented Year 2018


Last year was filled with big changes. Silverbucket's user interface had a makeover which was a result of long work hours from our product development team during last year. Read more about Silverbucket's year 2017!

"Brexit: Finnish Companies Breaking British Markets" By Talent Tampere


Talent Tampere published an interesting article about internationalisation and especially expanding to the UK. The article presents internationalisation stories of three Finnish companies. Silverbucket was one of the companies that was interviewed. Read more!

A Story: What Does a Software Acquisition and a Shoe Cabinet Have in Common?


We often hear stories and metaphoras which are used for explaining the resource planning in organizations or describing the tool acquisition process. We decided to share you one of our stories "What Does a Software Acquisition and a Shoe Cabinet Have in Common?". Stories often have an educational lesson but the aim of this story is to arouse new insights about resourcing. Not recommended for grinches. Click and read more!

Silverbucket user tips for project members


The last post of "Silverbucket user tips" is for project members and basic users. As project members often have basic user rights, they can see their own projects and workloads which can be very useful and interesting piece of information for them. Read more!

Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders


Here are some Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders who are especially interested in the efficient use of the resource capacity and in the availability of the right resources. Read more!

Demos Helsinki: ”A weekly gathering to boost learning and motivation”


Demos Helsinki chose in spring 2017 Silverbucket as its project resource management and hour tracking system. We have heard that they have created a successful concept to motivate, commit and brief their employees to use Silverbucket. They call the concept “Bucket Club” and we asked Demos Helsinki to tell a bit more about it. Read the whole article!

Silverbucket user tips for project managers


Silverbucket offers a versatile and easy-to-use tool for project managers as well who are familiar with changing of plans and monitoring the budget. Project manager can easily create a resource plan or continue from a plan that has been already made by e.g. sales managers. Read more!

Silverbucket user tips for sales managers


Silverbucket can be utilized also in sales, especially in the bidding process. The sales people can create initial resource plans and budgets for projects that they can use as a base for their offers. Read more!

Silverbucket's first customer in the UK


British Firstco has chosen Silverbucket as its project resource management software. Firstco is Silverbucket's first customer in the UK and naturally we are very pleased for our new customer in a new market area. Read more!

When Excel spreadsheets fall short in resource planning


Many organisations still use Excel templates for project resourcing, which is not the best means when considering the amount of effort and work that must be put to compile an overall picture from the separate Excels. Though, Excel is an easy option to turn to when the organisation’s “official resourcing tool” gives a headache, frustrates and makes you lose your nerves. Understandably, it is easy to create your own resourcing template which you can modify accordingly and start making resource allocation plans. Why to consider getting rid of the resourcing Excel spreadsheets? Read more!

Silverbucket user tips for the management


Silverbucket is useful for many counterparts and we will present in this series of posts few examples on how different people within the company can utilize the same tool from the resource management point of view. In this first article, we will focus on the management and how they benefit from Silverbucket and real-time resourcing data. Read more!

Few tips for the rollout of Silverbucket


When acquiring a new tool, the benefits and advantages of a new software are not necessary the only factors that might interest the buyer. It might also be interesting to know how the new tool will be implemented to be part of the project management routine. Or maybe you have already made the purchase decision and you are wondering how to execute the rollout. Read the tips for Silverbucket rollout!

Resourcing tool – who benefits and how?


Resourcing tool isn’t just for the project- and resourcing managers, all the people should benefit from using it. Customer will receive better results when the project run smoothly in a way that all the people are doing right things. So how do the personnel in different roles benefit from using resourcing tool? Read more!

The benefits of a proactive resource allocation management


Do you think that project resource management has no impact on projects turning out well? Or do you think that project resource management has a notable impact on everything regarding projects? Not long ago I had a presentation about proactive resource allocation management. I summed up the main points to this article. Read more!

Tips for tool renewal process - what to take into consideration?


I believe almost everyone has heard horror stories of never-ending IT-projects. The projects might last for months or even years and still fail. A one very common pitfall in renewing IT-systems is the misconception that every organisation has such unique needs that it is not possible to use existing tools as such. This situation occurs only in some very exceptional cases. Read more!

Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources”

Sweco Finland is an expert in built environment and industry. It is a part of the international Sweco Group. Of the 14 500 Sweco employees in total, nearly 2000 work in Finland. Sweco Finland and Silverbucket Ltd have made a frame agreement on implementing Silverbucket’s project portfolio resourcing tool. Sweco has been using Silverbucket since the beginning of 2014 and has constantly expanded the use of Silverbucket yearly.

Redirect time to more productive work and increase productivity


If you could allocate one hour more for each person in projects and to productive work, what kind of an effect would that have in the financial numbers? Just as an example, in 100-person company, you can improve productivity by 10 000 € by an extra work hour for each person. Read more!

Positive project culture as an engine for productivity


In many organizations, the most important target is to create value for the customer. Customer comes first no matter what.  The most important goal is to finish projects on time in a way that client is also satisfied. However, this may mean for example problems with efficiency, in budgets, internal project schedules, scheduling multiple projects at same time and personnel heavy workload. Read more about positive project culture!

Treats for Silverbucket’s Customers: New UI & New Features


This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

If you liked the previous Silverbucket version, you will fall in love with this one. The new version brings along more functions and features regarding resourcing and editing, which will make resource planning smoother and more pleasant.

Always hunting for resources after a successful sales deal?


Many organisations ask for a better communication between sales and production but they lack successful means to it. Sales department’s greatest interest is to do business and get deals. Winning cases means usually making promises to customers while trying to balance between the capacity of own production and being able to give attractive offers. Those promises can set unnecessary burden to the production if the resource management is not transparent and controlled.

Silverbucket's eventful year 2016


Year 2016 was filled with changes and big steps in Silverbucket and the year went by fast. The outcome of the events was very fruitful and positive. One of the biggest themes was going abroad, especially to Sweden. Last year we gained our first international customers abroad (Sweden, USA and Estonia). 

Developing project processes through a software


Change is something that should be noted in business and it touches – or it should touch all the parts of a company. One shouldn’t be afraid of change but be brave and explore what kind of opportunities it can bring along. Understandably, from the viewpoint of process development, change can sound overwhelming. However, executed in the right way change can be rewarding. 

What is the price and value of your own work?


Many IT companies are used to purchasing information systems to various needs such as enterprise resource planning, task management, access control and project management. However, many organisations rely on Excels when it comes to project resourcing and when pondering about acquiring a new system, developing a solution by yourself becomes an advisable option alongside pre-build solutions. Sometimes ‘own work’ is seen as more affordable as purchasing a pre-build solution. But is this true? Will your self-developed solution become more affordable in the long term? When developing an own software, are you able to tackle your organisation’s needs in the best way?

5 reasons why Excel is not the best tool for resourcing


We often hear that project organizations resource their personnel with Excel. In most cases the reason for this practice is the frustration on existing system’s clumsy resourcing functionalities. Usually resourcing isn’t one the base functionalities in large scale ERP systems. 

Face behind the email


Howdy, my name is Aleksi Lattunen. I’m good-humored, helpful and open minded software developer whose mind wanders and heart follows. I’m also super funny, duper handsome and very modest.

What benefits does a resourcing tool bring to project management?


Many are surprised to hear that there are separate softwares for project resourcing. Many also wish for a software that would cover all different functions that are needed in project management. These kinds of softwares do exist but, unfortunately, some modules of the wider project management solutions are not very convenient to use and for that reason the modules are easily dismissed.

Which one is flexible: process or tool?


There are two basic options for enhancing company's key processes with software tools. One option is to select a single system for all the needs and the second option is to build a toolbox with several individual components. Depending on the selected strategy, you are either modifying your key processes to fit the demands of the tool or selecting the best possible individual tools to support your current processes.

Perfect Overview


An increasing number of organisations do project work which has brought challenges of managing those smoothly.  Several projects are rolling at the same time so it can be challenging to see the big picture. 

A-Insinöörit - Successful Project Portfolio Management

A-Insinöörit is a skilled, growing and internationally operating professional in construction management and engineering. More than 400 experts are helping their customers with projects of different size and length. "We succeeded to find a tool for easing the demanding construction consultancy with no need to time-consuming trainings. All the Project Managers of A-Insinöörit are resourcing and forecasting with the same tool. Information is always up-to-date. No more unit specific spreadsheets".

Efore - Combining Resourcing of Product Development Projects & Hour Tracking

Efore Group is an international company which develops and produces demanding power products. In the fiscal year ending in December 2014, consolidated net sales totaled EUR 85,3 million and the Group's personnel averaged 914. Before switching to Silverbucket Efore had a separate Excel spreadsheet for project resource planning, and a separate tool for hour reporting. The goal with Silverbucket was to improve usability and information visibility.

Palkeet - Holistic View to Resourcing Data

The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR provides financial administration and human resource services for central government agencies, departments and funds. The Centre is a significant operator in the central government group services, and employs approximately 730 professionals in financial and HR operations. With a better resourcing tool Palkeet seeks a clearer picture of their resourcing plans and more accuracy to predictability. Another goal was to make any possible resourcing risks or allocation overloads visible.

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