Always hunting for resources after a successful sales deal?

Many organisations ask for a better communication between sales and production but they lack successful means to it. Sales department’s greatest interest is to do business and get deals. Winning cases means usually making promises to customers while trying to balance between the capacity of own production and being able to give attractive offers. Those promises can set unnecessary burden to the production if the resource management is not transparent and controlled.

Here are few examples of poor communication and consequences of it. Do you recognize any?

  • Sales team doesn’t have a clue of the total workload of the production and the promised schedule is too tight. Acquiring the needed human capital is difficult.
  • Contrary to believes the key person is not available. To survive from his total workload, he would need to clone himself. Thrice.
  • The resource manager is like a fire fighter as he tries to extinguish fires week after week. He is constantly in situations where he gets the information of new starting projects on short notice. Finding the right know-how in the right time is tricky.
  • The project schedules leak due to resource challenges. Whereupon budgets are exceeded because of quick fixes or fines that are given due to schedule lateness. 

From Silverbucket’s viewpoint the communication is activated so that sales makes resource allocations, at least for the unnamed role needs, for the prospect projects. They create a prospect project or add named or unnamed roles for the project and make resource allocations. The prospect projects get a probability so that the allocations are scaled in the main graph (Picture 1:   Reservations View). The transition from the offer phase to production goes smoothly when the needed persons and their allocations are recognized and visible already in beforehand. This way the resource managers can pursue proactive resource allocation management.

Tarjous hyväksytty ja seuraavaksi henkilöresurssien metsästys? (kuva 1a)

Picture 1. In the reporting view it is possible to look at the potential load effect of the prospect projects if they go to production. 

Tarjous hyväksytty ja seuraavaksi henkilöresurssien metsästys? (kuva 2a)

Picture 2. It is also possible to view at the ongoing tenders if the prospect projects and their resource allocations are up-to-date. You can list all the prospect projects and view the total amount of allocations. 

Better communication between sales and production generates transparency to sales pipe, which is followed by a smooth transition from offer phase to production. There are less human resource challenges and resource managers can cut extinguishing fires. The big picture and goal is that the cooperation is as seamless as possible and the right human capacity is assured for the projects. This way the working time is optimized in many ways.

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