Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H2


In the beginning of the year we planned to create a new skill management module, different allocation styles and finishing up the user interface update. Two of the three big targets were achieved: skill management and the UI update. For more information, you can continue to our support portal and learn more about them: 

In addition to these, we have executed multiple other smaller and bigger development tasks both in the system and in our processes, such as notifications about the version updates directly from the system, improving the configuration possibilities of user rights, Silverbucket remembers user's personal settings and a possibility to manage the realized invoices manually. To view the whole list, please check our release notes.

We are happy about our development team's efforts and give full points to the developers. The team has developed great new features and supported perfectly our customers to utilize them. Of course we appreciate your feedback as well and would like to hear what you think about our efforts and work. 

In development - second half of the year 2018

To mention few big themes for the rest of the year, we are finishing up with some of the allocation styles, renewing project numbers and creating a possibility to record and view some change logs, such as risks. We have explained below a bit more about these themes. Because these are under development, we will remind again, that situation (and our minds) might change during the way and the end result might not be as described here. :-)

In addition to the "hard technical features", Silverbucket offers also now a softer approach to the wonderful world of resourcing in the form of consultancy services. We are renewing our consultancy services  during the autumn and if you have a feeling that you would like to discuss more resourcing matters, let us know. 

Tentative and approval of allocations

The feature "soft booking" has been designed further during the spring and now we have been able to fully start the development and execution. When the new feature is released, the term we will use is "making tentative allocation plans". Thus, it is possible to make easily different allocation versions and testing for people and unassigned roles. Until now, Silverbucket has enabled to make only approved allocations but in the future the user can choose whether she is making approved or tentative allocations. 

It will be possible to manage the allocation types through user rights. For example, it can be configurated so that project managers can only make tentative allocations and they will be sent for an approval. The approver can be a superior of the target resource or in a case of an unassigned role, the approver can be the superior of a team where the resource will be taken from. The team leader will choose the suitable person from her team. The person who has made the tentative allocation will be informed when the allocation has been approved. She can either approve or decline the resource of the allocation given to her. The reason for the decline of the decision can be e.g. that the scope of the allocation is not sufficiently fulfilled. 

Financial numbers of projects

In Silverbucket, the project's dashboard offers numerical data about the project. We have put an effort to study that what kind of financial or numerical data is important and which calculation rules should be used. We are finishing up with the research phase and continuing to develop further the project numbers feature. We will get back to this during autumn. 

Recording and viewing the change logs 

We are adding change log information to Silverbucket where it is possible to record and collect change information. First we will test this on risks meaning that we will provide a change log record feature. We will collect all changes of risk management, and provide a view to the log on the Projects > Listing report. 

The change log will show the changes during past 12 months as a scrollable list. The list can be filtered by different filters (project data, date, risk and change type). 

Same technology will be utilized later in other vital logs that will be developed in the future.

With these plans we greet autumn in our development team. If you want to know more or you have some questions, please don't hesitate to reveal them and contact us. We are happy to discuss more! 

Erno Suomi

Product Manager

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