Redirect time to more productive work and increase productivity

Productivity increases v2

Often when talking about the benefits of certain tools and software products, the discussion revolves around the product features and the benefits they offer. Those benefits alone are already key arguments that advocate for purchase decisions. Another viewpoint is that what kind of a monetary value does the software bring or does it bring any? We’d like to bring out that point regarding a project resourcing software. 

One of the indirect benefits that a project resourcing tool provides is redirecting people’s time to more productive work in two ways: resource managers use less time to management tasks as the resourcing process becomes simpler and easily managed and the human resources are kept busy as the tool makes resource planning effective. The resource managers can use their own time effectively when they have proper tools.

So, think for a moment, if you could allocate one hour more for each person in projects and to productive work, what kind of an effect would that have in the financial numbers? Just as an example, in 100-person company, you can improve productivity by 10 000 € by an extra work hour for each person. Product that offers that kind of a productivity leap shouldn’t be bypassed.

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