Resourcing tool – who benefits and how?

Resourcing tool isn’t just for the project- and resourcing managers, all the people should benefit from using it. Customer will receive better results when the project run smoothly in a way that all the people are doing right things. So how do the personnel in different roles benefit from using resourcing tool?

Project manager should find easily right people with suitable know how on a right time to their project team. Without proper tool, they might choose same old people to their team because they cannot see easily utilization rates and skills from one place. With a good tool the project or resourcing manager can first make allocations to the unnamed role if it isn’t adequate to make resources directly to a person.

Every project has budget. So, there should be possibility to follow project from the numbers point of you in same tool. This way it is easy to notice problems concerning budget or other factors and project managers and superiors can speedily react on them. With help of hour tracking one can see how the resourcing plans has succeeded.

From one single view the superior should see his own teams work load so that he/she can react on under- and overload situations. This way they can ensure that everyone has optimal workload which is important when thinking about once well-being at work. I doubt that no one wishes to work 24/7 or the other hand twiddle one's thumbs week after a week.

Middle or top management can keep track on overall situation and react on special situations with good tool. They can get information on recruiting needs, training demands or for example sales actions. Projects profitability can be followed on real-time because all the changes can be seen at the same time than changes are done in to the system.

Sales has clear view on what kind of know-how can be found on and with help of this they can modify their sales selection. At busy-times can sales postponed projects starting dates.

Consultants may concentrate on their projects and they can see clearly on which roles they are involved in projects. Because their expertise has been taking into account when planning project team, they can do entities where they are best. It is also harder for the project managers to give little tasks because they can see their workload from one place. When the project management is well planned, it is easier for the consultants to adjust to changes.

At the end the owners will also benefit from the tool because employees can focus on their own projects and that’s why the end-results are better. Also because the monitoring the profits will grow.


Reija Tulasalo
Relationship manager 

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