Silverbucket user tips for project members

The last post of "Silverbucket user tips" is for project members and basic users. If a company utilizes Silverbucket’s hour tracking feature, every person can login to Silverbucket and then track their work hours there. In addition, as project members often have basic user rights, they can see their own projects and workloads which can be very useful and interesting piece of information for them.

The project members see their projects and resource allocations of the near future that have been given to them. A person can view the data at a month, week or day level. In addition, the project member can choose percentages, hours or days as an allocation unit.

As the project member sees her overall workload situation, it is easy to monitor if there is some overload or underload going on. When the resource allocation data is up-to-date, the person can monitor her own overall workload and in case of an overload situation take the matter to her superior. This way the person’s all work is identified, and overall workload is transparent.

Silverbucket project member

Above is presented the basic user rights but a project member can acquire also wider user rights if she is named as a project manager to a project. As a project manager the person gets a right to add unnamed role needs and make resource allocations for them and some other actions. You can read about the project manager’s user rights and actions more from our previous article

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