Silverbucket user tips for sales managers

Silverbucket can be utilized also in sales, especially in the bidding process. The sales people can create initial resource plans and budgets for projects that they can use as a base for their offers. The sales manager will see the expected profit and if the budget is sufficient and reasonable from the resource planning point of view. In addition, the sales manager can give a probability to a project. The probability information can be utilized for monitoring the bid process and by changing the probability as the deal goes forward or dies. If the prospect project goes to production, the project manager already has an initial resource plan and budget to work on. It’s possible to improve the communication and co-operation between sales and production through a joint resourcing tool.

Creating a prospect project and an initial resource plan

The sales manager can create easily a new project and make an initial resource plan. You can set a probability to the project that can be altered according to different phases of the bidding process. If the project has probability of 100%, it is regarded as a production project. If the project’s probability is less than 100%, it is regarded as a planned project. You can set the probability by choosing from the default values (100%, 75%, 50%, 25% tai 0%) or by typing a value by yourself. When the project goes to production, the probability is changed to 100%.

The minimum requirements to get started with are giving a name for the project, naming a project manager and adding a customer to the project. After this you can jump right into creating the project team and making a resource plan. The sales can add a description to the project and give a budget. Depending on the common resourcing “rules” in your organisation, the sales manager can either add unnamed roles with workloads or give the workloads to persons right away. If you create unnamed roles, they are named and given to persons later. 

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If the project has a budget in Silverbucket, you can monitor how the resource plans are made compared to the budget. In addition to the project level budgets, you can set personal hour budgets for resources within the project. You can follow the budget at a project and at an individual level. 

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Following the prospect projects

The organisation can follow the amount of its prospect projects in a big picture or at a project level. In the big picture, the organisation can see the volume of prospect projects and the possible impact on the total resource capacity if the projects go to production. You can see if your organisation has enough resources (people) or do you need to recruit or outsource work. At the same time, you see when the overall workload of resources starts decreasing. 

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At the Project Portfolio page, it is easy to monitor what kind of projects there are in the sales pipe. The provided information can be utilized e.g. directly in the sales team's meetings. You can easily see the biggest projects, projects with different probabilities and other projects’ details. It is also easy to make changes to a project already in the meeting if needed.

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When you incorporate sales team to resource management, it will contribute to the project execution in general, the communication between sales and production improves, and creating bids and offers becomes easier when they are based to transparent and real-time resource allocation data.

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