Silverbucket's Unprecedented Year 2018

Silverbucket briefly

As the year 2017 is behind us, let's review how it went. 

Last year was filled with big changes. Silverbucket's user interface had a makeover which was a result of long work hours from our product development team during last year. The reason for this big transformation lies within the fact that the product development was started right away from the beginning of Silverbucket in 2011. During the past years we've got many splendid feature wishes and we are grateful for receiving them, thank you for the precious feedback! When the system is getting wider and deeper, at some point it is good to plan the big picture fresh from the beginning. This was the case with Silverbucket's user interface transformation. The main goal was to put all the features together to make a coherent ensemble. At the moment almost all customers are using the new user interface and the rest will follow in the beginning of 2018.

The year 2017 was meaningful also in the internationalization point of view. The market is getting hotter in Sweden and we have acquired many new customers in cooperation with our Swedish partner Sundbom&Partner. It is very pleasant to notice that project organizations overseas think alike regarding resource planning. In addition to growing in the Swedish market, we succeeded to make a market entry in the UK. In 2018 our work in the UK continues and we are expecting growth in that field as well. 

The growth both in Finland and overseas is seen also in the financial numbers. Our turnover exceeded 1 million euros, and the growth from last year was 38%. We acquired 26 great new customers and we'd like to welcome everyone once again to the Silverbucket family! 

The upcoming year will follow this year's great pace. The development of our resourcing tool continues and this in mind we are keen to hear feedback from all of our customers. Almost all the features are coming from our customers one way or the other. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018 and Silverbucket has taken the necessary actions to meet the requirements accordingly. During the winter we will contact all our customers regarding the GDPR.

May the year 2018 be prosperous for all the members of the Silverbucket family!

Tuomas Mikkola


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