Treats for Silverbucket’s Customers: New UI & New Features

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This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

Our customers are treated with an enhanced unbeatable resourcing tool as we are launching a renewed Silverbucket version. We will schedule the version updates with customers individually, which will be communicated separately. In other cases, we offer a product demo to present the new version and its main features or you can be initiative and test the new version by activating a free trial here. 

If you liked the previous Silverbucket version, you will fall in love with this one. We have taken the user experience to a new level and the aim is to provide an even better resourcing tool. The new version brings along more functions and features regarding resourcing and editing, which will make resource planning smoother and more pleasant. The new version also provides with new features in project portfolio management. This enables a powerful formula between project portfolio management and resource planning management.

We will publish several articles about the renewed Silverbucket so follow our social media channels and News Corner to learn more. If you are too curious or can’t contain yourself, ask us for a demo (info@silverbucket.com / tel. +358 40 680 6860) or test the renewed Silverbucket version yourself by activating a free trial.


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