Top features to boost your project resourcing

The big picture at a glance

At a glance you can see the resource situation from the whole company’s perspective, or even just for a single team. You see conflicts, the load and capacity level conveniently in one view. You’ll no longer need to guess about the current or future situation.

The big picture of resource planning

Fast and easy resource management

Not even the best software can help you if the data are out of date. With Silverbucket you can do resource planning easily by pasting or making quick edits. You can quickly maintain and update data. Even creating a project team is very simple.

Silverbucket - fast and easy resource management

Allocate roles to a project

It’s not always clear who’s working on what project. What’s more, it would be nice to see how workload affects the total capacity. Don’t worry! With Silverbucket you can do resourcing directly for a person or just a role.

Silverbucket - allocating roles to projects

Numbers to support decision-making

Silverbucket gives different parties, such as project managers, team leaders and company management information about resourcing and how it affects the success of projects.  You can rely on numerical data or detailed reports for single projects, which combine the past and the future.

Silverbucket - numbers to support decision-making

All your projects in one place

You can examine the numbers, risks or risk history for all your projects. You can filter data from several perspectives and get a complete picture of the project’s progress.

Silverbucket - all projects in one place

Manage competencies

Projects need a wide variety of competencies. With Silverbucket you can create a skills map, record people’s specialized skills and find suitable people with the right competence level for your project.

Silverbucket - Competency management

Data that is always up-to-date

Changes are reflected instantly in the system. Several people can do resourcing at the same time and get up-to-date information.

Soft booking helps project planning

Project plans change and projects may be extended. In a situation like this you can make tentative allocations and sketch out a resource plan. You can confirm tentative allocations when plans are finalised.

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