Project resource planning tool for architects

“Nowadays, we have a clear understanding of our projects and people allocations since Silverbucket includes both resource plan and actual hours. Silverbucket can also assist in visualizing the past, the present and the future”.
Charlotte Bjurling, System Manager, Tengbom
Resource optimization in Silverbucket

The balancing of a resource plan and workload is easy, whereupon the composition of project teams can be optimized in the best way possible.

Kokonaiskuva projektien resursointiin

Clear and visual views help to visualize the overall situation, so that defects can be reacted to before it’s too late.

Resource planning team by team

Resource situations can be inspected from many aspects. A person can view their own projects and resources, a team manager their team members’ resources and a project manager their own project team.


Case Tengbom – A clearer picture of future resourcing

Previously, Tengbom carried out their resourcing through Excel. It was time-consuming and fragmented work that did not produce an overall picture. They did not have a good idea of the overall capacity of the company or of current and future projects. Now that Silverbucket is being used throughout the organization, resource plans can be seen from the perspective of the whole company. Read the full case story here.

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