Project resource planning tool for IT consultants

“We have been supported by Silverbucket throughout the deployment project period, whilst users have also praised its ease of use. Overall, we have been pleased with Silverbucket”.
Josette Nurminen, People Lead, Digia
Kokonaiskuva projektien resursointiin

With up-to-date resource information, decisions can be made based on facts. By monitoring sales forecasts, cash flow and utilization rates, a company’s growth can be driven. 

Competencies - Resource management

The best team with the right skills can always be found for each project. The workload is optimized in such a way that there is a job for everyone and, if necessary, people with the right skills can be recruited. 

Silverbucket - Allocation accuracy

Any discrepancies in project resourcing are identified in a timely manner. Any differences between the plans and reality can be seen, as well as whether the projects have potential risks or risks that have already been realized.


Case study: Digia successfully adopts Silverbucket

Before Digia started using Silverbucket, all the business units had several spreadsheets for various purposes. Reporting was done well but it was mostly used for looking back on what had already been achieved. The workload was unevenly distributed and the lack of resources caused a lot of grey hairs. Josette Nurminen from Digia says, “The view of the future was hazy, which meant it was difficult to see what skills we had in the company and how we could manage growth. Because of this, here at Digia we got to grips with resourcing and workload distribution holistically to bring the situation gradually under control.” Read the full case story here.

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