Webinar - Resource planning in Silverbucket

Silverbucket - How to manage resources in Silverbucket

Let's dive into the features and benefits of Silverbucket to understand how this solution can help you in resource management. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to make resource planning in Silverbucket.  

You will see how to: 

  • Get comprehensive view of your company’s resourcing situation 
  • Allocate roles and people to projects and find available people quickly
  • Find out who is working on which project and what is the workload
  • Compare actual hours to planned hours

This webinar is for resourcing professionals who haven't participated in a Silverbucket demo before or who have seen the presentation but it has been a while since. The duration of the webinar is about 45 minutes. Webinar is held by Silverbucket's CEO Tuomas Mikkola. 

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