Why Silverbucket

Why choose Silverbucket for resource planning

Silverbucket is a resource allocation tool for project business that does what it says on the tin – easily and effectively. What’s more, Silverbucket is simple and fast to integrate into your existing environment.

Learn from the past

There is always some gap between predicted and actual hours. Silverbucket lets you view the actual hours of your last project and use them as a basis for the next one.

Enjoy today

Ideally, your team has its hands full, but not too much so. Just the right workload translates to a happy, efficient team. What’s more, you’ll have more flexibility for solving everyday challenges such as sick days.

Plan for the future

To make your next project more profitable than the previous one, you need visibility and clear resource planning tools. Silverbucket has clear, no-frills views for the future of your project.


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You get a comprehensive view of your company’s resourcing situation. With the help of this information, decision-making is easier. You know when to make recruiting decisions, acquire additional resources from subcontractors, pay attention to projects’ profitability or invest in sales. Your understanding about the projects increases when you compare planned data to actuals.

Team and Resourcing Managers

With the help of Silverbucket you will find the most suitable people for the project. Transparency between teams increases, and it is easier to make resource plans.  You can react easily to conflict, and under and overload situations, because you will spot them easily. 

Project Managers

You can monitor project progress and results from the project dashboard and several reports. It is effortless to make resource allocations and update them. You can add risks, compare hour budget to actuals, or dive deeper into project numbers. All your projects can be listed and analysed in one view. 

Integration helps your organisation get more done in Silverbucket

We often hear the question "Can you integrate the people and projects from our existing backend system into Silverbucket?". You can very well implement your company's resourcing process with a standalone Silverbucket service. In some cases there already is a backend system containing the project and people information. Most probably also the actual hours and projects' financial history are there.

By integrating Silverbucket with the backend system, you get more from the process. You fill in the information only once, to a single service. Usually we integrate projects, people and other basic information into Silverbucket. From there on you make the future project planning in Silverbucket.

The most common entities are:

• Projects and customers
• People
• Actual hours
• Project invoices and expenses

We have implemented a whole lot of other integrations also, into and out of Silverbucket. Silverbucket works well beside other systems, and integrations are not even always necessary. Silverbucket is used for example alongside Jira, ValueFrame, PARM, Maconomy, Visma Severa and PlanMill. 

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